Istanbul: Eminönü to Beyoğlu

My life isn’t really as magical as it seems to be, that’s mostly why I make it a point to write about the beautiful things I have seen and experienced  which are much better read with rose-colored glasses and a full cup of wine or, in my case tea, extracted out of all the other actual elements that usually comes with traveling like the hassle of having gone through any international airport, the usual trepidation of having to find your hotel and having to communicate with bus drivers, taxi drivers, shop owners, and information desks, the anticipation of finding museums or all other attractions that have been endlessly researched,  and most especially, the decision or indecision of the most important element of traveling, where to eat. Continue reading “Istanbul: Eminönü to Beyoğlu”


Temples of the Chao Phraya

I’ve read this somewhere, this senses overload, this over stimulation of the different elements that engulfs you aboard a ferry with countless of others on their daily commute to home.

The water lapping the wind as it hits your face, whipping your hair about forcefully. Continue reading “Temples of the Chao Phraya”


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This was probably one of the most liberating driving experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life. I was driving through the arid desert, in a far flung Muslim country, on a remote desert highway, as a woman. So many things could have gone wrong and this was no ordinary circumstance. Contrary to popular opinion that women in Muslim nations cannot drive, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are an exception.
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Top 10 Things To Do in Big Bear California

I came back from the tropics barely 2 weeks ago and was dreading a trip I had booked last year into Yosemite because I knew that it was a dry winter. I became obsessed with checking the weather on a daily basis to see if it had snowed yet.

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Ho’onani Oahu

Before anything else, I have to tell you that plane tickets to Oahu, Hawaii are expensive, even if you are coming from the US of A! Our plane tickets costed us roughly $700 roundtrip per person!

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5-Year Old Flower Girl Diaries

The dress they made me wear was not what I had imagined. I thought I would be wearing a yellow flowered sun dress but instead here I am sitting miserably and itchy, behind the couple in front of the altar and all I wanted to do was take off this hideously laced white dress. Continue reading “5-Year Old Flower Girl Diaries”

Chapter 1: Unofficial

Ana mused at the thought and shivered at the prospect of her incoming birthday. Lately, she began to fear aging because it meant getting closer to dying, an unnatural paranoia which is not quite unfounded. Continue reading “Chapter 1: Unofficial”

An Introduction to a Story about Love #NaNoWriMoChallenge

I don’t want to die.

This was my first thought when I suddenly woke up from a dream. The bed sheets were soaked from my perspiration, my long hair pasted on my soggy face. Continue reading “An Introduction to a Story about Love #NaNoWriMoChallenge”